Bookkeeping: We develop and maintain your business's finances through accounting software.

Reconciling bank statements: This involves comparing your income and expense records with your bank statements to ensure that they match. This is important to ensure that there aren’t any missing transactions or inconsistencies.

Recording sales and revenue: This involves managing a revenue account and tracking how much you make from your business operations.

Managing accounts payable: This includes tracking and paying vendor invoices. 

Tracking accounts receivable: This involves monitoring and collecting customer payments. 

Reviewing and updating chart of accounts: This is an index of your account types (assets, liabilities, expenses, revenue, equity) that typically includes the account number, account description, and financial statements. A COA is a great tool for organizing financial data for easier viewing and reporting. You can also gain insights into your revenue and spending habits.

Processing payroll: This involves calculating employee salaries and taxes. 

Account Clean-up: We assess your business and come up with a plan that fits your company needs.

Training: QuickBooks training for your staff.

Set-up: Setting up your accounting software for you.