**Note that these packages are for illustrative purposes only and we will work together to develop a plan to meet your specific needs.**

Pricing is per calendar month of books prepared. Any "catch up" work is billed at the same price. For example, if you

are 6 months behind on your bookkeeping, the price for that will be the package price x 6. Quarterly pricing is monthly fee x 3.

See area below packages for pricing on diagnostic and clean-up work. 


starting at $200 per month

Great for Small Start-Ups!


Starting at $500 per month

Great for Small Business!


Starting at $750 per month

Great for Growing Business!



Payroll processing – starting at $110.00 per month

You may add payroll processing to any package or use as a stand-alone service.

$110.00 per month (add $75/month for weekly payroll) as an add-on to bookkeeping services

$125.00 per month (add $75/month for weekly payroll) as a standalone service


1099 Preparation

Base charge of $50.00.  Each form is $5.00.  This includes the cost of e-filing (I only use electronic filing).  Any 1099 information provided after January 25th will incur an additional $200.00 rush fee.

Client must provide all vendor information:

We will also need the legal information for your business (legal business name, business address, and EIN).

*NOTE: It is up to the business owner to understand the requirements of when to issue a 1099.  I cannot make that determination for you.  I will only file base on the information you provide, and you attest that it is correct to the best of your knowledge.


Accounting software clean up – Pricing varies*

*Most common range is $3,000.00-$6000.00 for an average small business for 12 months

50% down payment, 50% due near completion

Once I have completed a diagnostic review of your books, I will provide you with a quote to clean up the findings presented in the report.  Pricing will depend on many factors, including extent of issues found, time periods being cleaned up (one month vs. several years), type of industry, complexity of transactions, etc.  It’s important to understand that clean ups are very time-consuming for both parties, and require a lot of collaboration to collect necessary information from you on certain transactions.  Large cleanups can take anywhere from 6 – 12 weeks. 

Note that I will not provide a quote for or proceed with a cleanup project without a diagnostic review.

Non-Profit Customers:

Helping nonprofits stay compliant with federal and state laws and regulations governing charitable fundraising and financial reporting.  Helping non-profits identify opportunities to save money and improve efficiency.  Contact me for pricing!